Russky Bridge

На карте
На карте

The Russky Bridge crosses the Eastern Bosporus Strait and connects the Nazimova Peninsula to Russky Island.

The Russky Bridge is often called a record-breaker: at the time of its opening, it was the second-highest bridge in the world and had the longest span. The construction of the bridge to Russky Island began in 2008 as part of Vladivostok's preparations for the 2012 APEC Summit. The bridge pylons resemble the letter "A" in their shape and appearance. The bridge's cables are adorned with the colors of the Russian flag.

The bridge was opened on Vladivostok's birthday. Pedestrian walks on the bridge are prohibited due to strong gusts of wind that can reach up to 30 meters per second.

The Russky Bridge is depicted on the 2,000 ruble banknote.