Primorye State Art Gallery


Aleutskaya str, 12
Partizansky avenue, 12

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A unique art collection appeared in Vladivostok several decades before the opening of the Primorye Art Gallery in June of 1966. The history of its creation dates back to 1929 and it is associated with the name of Alexander Polovinkin (1887–1955), director of the regional branch of the Geographical Society, professor of geography, connoisseur of painting, who headed those years Vladivostok State Regional Museum. It is due to him that a new art department was opened in the museum. On 29th of April in 1929 being on a business trip in Moscow and Leningrad, Polovinkin received permission from the “Glavnauka” section of the People’s Commissariat of Education to form an art department.


And on 9th of May in 1930 the collegium of the People’s Commissariat of Education adopted a resolution “On distribution of collections from reserve funds of central museums to regional museums”. It was proposed in the first place to allocate collections for the Vladivostok State Regional Museum.

The State Tretyakov Gallery generously shared its wealth with our city. In the surviving acts of transmission of the State Tretyakov Gallery appear: “Portrait of Alexander Zaikin” by Vasiliy Tropinin, “Portrait of Henrietta Hirschman” by Konstantin Somov, landscapes by Sylvester Shchedrin, Ivan Shishkin, Isaac Levitan, “Girl with a Lamb” by Pavel Kuznetsov, “Portrait of a Brother David with the mandolin” by Mark Chagall and others.

Today gallery funds have more than eight thousand units: paintings, graphics, sculpture, decorative art.


Today the main building of the Primorye State Art Gallery is located in the historical part of Vladivostok. There are permanent exhibition halls, rooms for temporary exhibitions, funds, restoration workshops of painting and graphics. The exhibition halls of the gallery on Partizansky Avenue, 12, on the basis of which the Children’s Museum Center and art studios operate, have a scientific library with more than 11000 printed publications, including a rare book collection. Since 2014 the Primorye State Art Gallery has become a partner in the Hermitage-Vladivostok Center project.